Our interior Design Services

Renovations & New Builds

New construction and renovations are exciting. Before the first hammer swings, there needs to be a plan. We work with Architects and builders to formulate detailed drawings addressing space planning, traffic flow, mechanics and aesthetics. Our job is the details.

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Commercial Spaces

Your work environment should to be efficient, accessible, inspiring, and reflective of your professional brand. We collaborate with you and the trades to implement designs sure to make the right first impression.

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Kitchen & Dining Rooms

Kitchens and dining rooms are not only the heart of the home but the engine that keeps it running. We will transform your outdated spaces into functional rooms where you enjoy working and entertaining - all while bringing added value to your home.

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Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Bedrooms and bathrooms are the first and last places you go. These rooms need to be extreme mulitaskers. We will address the utilitarian issues while being mindful of the needs to soothe and invigorate. Yes you do deserve it all with style and luxury!

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Outdoor Spaces

We have come to the realization that our outdoor spaces have been under appreciated. Expand your living space with outdoor kitchens and dining, furnished decks, and patios. Let us increase your home's square footage and property value by exploring missed outdoor opportunities.

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Consulting & Details

Building a new space or undergoing an extensive renovation can be daunting. Give us a call to discuss our wide range of services to suit your project, lifestyle, and investment. We provide experience, energy, and resources to bring your vision to fruition.

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questions & answers.

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Having an interior designer will save you time, money, and prevent you from making costly mistakes. Interior designers are highly trained in their field. They'll find vetted contractors, source products, create customized designs, and help guide you with your choices.

How do you charge for your services?

Per hour for consultations, contractor consultations, site visits, sourcing product, deliveries, and design.

Products and contractor fees are separate.

Should I go with what's trending or a more traditional design?

It depends. If you intend to stay in your home for a number of years, we recommend focusing on what you love most and a more timeless design.

If you're looking to sell your home relatively soon, we suggest a transitional design.

What if I need to pause a design project?

Do you recommend/collaborate with contractors or do I need to hire my own?

We can vet and source contractors for you or you may also bring on board contractors you have in mind.

If I don't have a vision, where do I even start?

No vision? No problem. A great way to get started is to look for inspiration on platforms such as Pinterest to create your own "vision board." Here you can find just about anything you can think of - furniture, upholstery, paint colors, room lighting, finished bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, unique fireplaces, and so much more!

Another great way to narrow down what you're looking for is to Google images and save them to your phone. Make notes on what you like about the space, such as how it makes you feel, the function of the space, the types of finishes you like, what color combinations you like, or whatever comes to mind.